As many of you know, on May 16th Jefferson County is moving to what they are calling “Level Clear” – 100% capacity with no Mitigation Requirements! In addition, West Bowles is now mask optional.


What that means for West Bowles is that we are going to be fully open:

• All children’s programming and childcare will resume.

• All adult Bible classes will resume in their pre-covid locations.

• In addition, on May 16th we will be moving to our Summer Schedule, having 9am Bible Classes and one 10am service—allowing all of us to be together each Sunday morning for our worship service.


Please know that the staff and elders are not taking this decision lightly.  We have been following what the state and county has mandated for the past year+ and we will continue to do so.


If you’re a bit hesitant about jumping back in, and you still want to physical distance and stick with the elbow bump, that’s OK.  And if you want to sit right next to your friends and hug each other, that’s OK too. Everyone is welcome, so please plan on joining us and circle the date. After almost 15 months of an altered way of doing church, we look forward to finally being able to get back to “normal!”