To the West Bowles Family,

As we’ve navigated the new normal alongside everyone else over the past five days, a few things are clear:

  • The school teachers among us are gold. On day 1 of having classes and classwork in our home, the students got detention three times, and a teacher cried (umm…that’s what I heard anyway…) and ended the school day early.
  • I already miss our face-to-face interaction.
  • Our Heavenly Father is faithful in His promise to give His peace beyond understanding.
  • Our staff and elder board are looking around and ahead with hearts prioritized on our mission to connect with Jesus, connect with people, and connect people with Jesus.

After much discussion, thought, and prayer, we’ve made the decision to transition our worship service and ministry activities to online through the end of March. During this time, our staff and elders will continue discussions about April and May as we monitor further developments, and we’ll update you as those discussions take place.

In addition, we’re working on a solution in the coming days for the groups and ministries of West Bowles to continue meeting together online. Thank you for your patience while we consider our best options. Watch for an update with specifics on this.While we’re saddened to not meet together in our church building, we’ve been guided by two principles:

  1. Honoring our governing officials, who have urged extreme caution, and
  2. While God has not given us a spirit of fear, He has called us to love our neighbors, many of whom, like the elderly or those with prior medical conditions, are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Exercising caution is not merely wise, but is a tangible way of expressing love toward others.
The West Bowles campus will remain closed to gatherings through March. Our office will remain open during normal business hours (barring any unforeseen developments). Please be assured we remain accessible to support your needs as they arise, and we eagerly desire to navigate this time together with you. Our care ministries are a resource we encourage you to utilize if need be, using the email
Finally, a dear friend reminded me that the words of Psalm 46 are appropriate now more than ever: “Be still, and know that I am God.” It’s true that the church is not a building; it’s a family of believers. The West Bowles campus may be closed, but the church is open!
With a heart full of His love,

Pastor Nathan